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Dinner Menu

Scheduled Departures

Great beginnings.

Old Bay Steamed Shrimp$10.99

1/2 pound of shrimp, lightly seasoned with Old Bay, Served with cocktail sauce.


Dusted with a seasoned flour and lightly fried. Served with a rich red sauce & Tabasco tartar sauce.

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms$9.95

Mushroom caps stuffed with our special fresh crabmeat. Broiled and topped with our own creamy Alfredo sauced.

Garlic Clams$9.95

12 littlenecks simmered in a fresh garlic and butter sauce. Served with garlic bread for dunking.

Garlic Mussels$9.95

1 pound of sweet mussels simmered in a garlic and butter sauce. Served with garlic bread for dunking.

Oriental Puffer Bellies$7.95

Chicken & vegetable pockets drizzled with an Asian sweet & spicy sauce.

Italian Meatballs (3)$7.00

Topped with marinara sauce.

Station's Crab Dip$11.95

A flavorful blend of jumbo lump crabmeat mixed with cream cheese, onion, and horseradish. Seasoned just right and served with crackers for dippin'.

Seafood Sampler "For 2"$16.00

A unique combination of jumbo lump crabmeat, jumbo shrimp, and fried calamari.
No substitutions.

From the Stock Pot

Steamy and inspirational.

Soup du Jour

Chef's daily concoctions, priced accordingly.

Baked French Onion Soup$6.00

Topped with croutons and melted provolone.

Station Style Chili$6.00

Topped with melted provolone.

Entrèe Salads

Classic crispness

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$9.95

A combination of crisp romaine, garlic croutons, and Romano cheese. Anchovies available upon request.
Citrus Glazed Salmon Caesar $10.95
Bronzed Shrimp Caesar $10.95

Santa Fe Taco Salad$10.95

Crisp tortilla shell filled to the brim with chili, salsa, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, diced onion, chopped tomato, jalapenos, sour cream, and fresh guacamole.

Dining Car Salad$6.95

A combination of crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, laced with slivers of Swiss cheese, crumbled bacon, and seasoned croutons. Served with our own sweet and sour dressing.

Grilled Chicken Paoli Salad$9.95

Baby mixed greens with tomatoes, sliced onion, and bleu cheese crumbles.
Blackened Haddock $10.95
Bronzed Shrimp $10.95

Chilled Romaine Wedge$8.95

Topped with our own creamy bleu cheese dressing, bacon bits, and chopped tomatoes.

Buffet Car Chef Salad$12.95

A bowl of crisp Romaine and iceburg lettuce, smothered with thinly sliced Turkey and Ham julienne, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and pickled egg wedges. Served with our housemade sweet and sour.

Station Master Specialties

Pasta entrèes are served with choice of Dining Car Salad or cup of soup and bread basket.
Substitute Caesar or Paoli Salad for an additional $4.00

Sun-dried Tomato Ravioli$13.50

Stuffed with fresh cream cheese, mascarpone, Parmesan, fresh spinach, diced onion, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic. Topped with Alfredo sauce

Tuscan Grilled Sirloin Marsala$19.95

6 oz sirloin steak, seasoned and seared to your liking. Topped with mushrooms, garlic, and Florio Marsala wine sauce.

Spaghetti & Meatballs$13.95

With marinara sauce.

Tour of Italy$19.95

Parmesan breaded Chicken breast, sun-dried tomato ravioli and spaghetti & meatball with marinara sauce.

Southwest Chicken & Shrimp$19.95

Chicken Breast Tenders and jumbo Shrimp sautèed with fresh mushrooms in a light spicy, garlic cream sauce. tossed with linguine.

Blackened Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo$16.95

Fresh chicken breast tenders seasoned with authentic Cajun spices and served over fettuccine alfredo.

From the Seacoast Route

Served with our special bread basket filled with fresh baked ciabatta bread, crackers, garlic butter and our own cheddar cheese spread to compliment your cocktail. Choice of Dining Car Salad or cup of soup and choice of either:
Today's Pasta, Potato, or vegetable.
Substitute Caesar or Paoli Salad for an additional $4.00

Fisherman's Delight$28.95

A fresh assortment of Jumbo Shrimp, Fresh Atlantic Salmon, Fresh Atlantic Haddock and our own crab cake. Broiled with white wine, butter and lemon.

Fresh Salmon with Citrus Glaze$19.95

Fresh Atlantic salmon steak brushed with our chef's Caribbean-style glaze and grilled to perfection.

Bronzed North Atlantic Haddock$23.95

Fresh broiled haddock bronzed with authentic Cajun seasoning and topped with a zesty jumbo lump crabmeat and avocado salsa in a red chili vinaigrette.

Broiled Crab Cakes$22.95

Fresh jumbo lump crabmeat (no filler), combined with herbs and spices. A house specialty.

Fresh Shrimp Scampi$18.95

Tender shrimp sauteed in lemon, garlic and white wine.

From the Stock Yards

Only the highest quality beef is used. Aged a minimum of four weeks.
Served with our special bread basket filled with fresh baked ciabatta bread, crackers, garlic butter and our own cheddar cheese spread to compliment your cocktail. Choice of Dining Car Salad or cup of soup and choice of either:
Today's Pasta, Potato or vegetable.
Substitute Caesar or Paoli Salad for an additional $4.00

Filet Mignon$26.95

6-7 oz. filet char-broiled to your liking and topped with sundried tomato butter.

Chicken Chesapeake$20.95

Fresh chicken breast grilled and covered with lump crabmeat, creamy imperial sauce, and of course, Old Bay seasoning.

Pork Ribeye Steak Marsala$19.95

Tender pork ribeye steak bronzed with authentic Cajun spices and topped with savory sauce of mushrooms, garlic and Marsala wine sauce.

Jack Daniels BBQ Baby Back Ribs

A Slab, smothered with our own Jack Daniels B.B.Q. sauce.
Main Line $24.95
Branch Line $20.95

New York Strip$26.95

Char-broiled to your linking and topped with crispy homemade onion straws.

Prime Rib

Tender prime rib of beef served au jus. Available Friday and Saturday.
Engineer's Cut 16 oz.
Fireman's Cut 10 oz.
Market Price

Smaller Appetites

Dinners are served with potato and vegetable of the day, a bread basket, choice of coffee, tea, or soft drink, and rice pudding or ice cream sundae. Add a Dining Car Salad or cup of soup for an additional $4.00

Sirloin Steak

6oz center cut sirloin, seasoned and seared to your liking.
Dinner $19.95

Fresh Haddock

Broiled with lemon and butter. Served with melted butter.
Dinner $14.95

Fresh Crab Cake

A house specialty served with tartar sauce.
Dinner $17.95

Grilled Chicken

Fresh chicken breast basted with extra virgin olive oil and herbs.
Dinner $14.95

Fresh Salmon with Citrus Glaze

Brushed with our chef's own Caribbean-style glaze and grilled to perfection.
Dinner $15.95

Liver and Onions

Select tender beef liver grilled with sautèed onions.
Dinner $12.95

Dinner Sandwiches

All dinner sandwiches are served with Station fries.
Add a Dining Car Salad or cup of soup for an additional $4.00

The Chesapeake Express$12.95

Surely the area's finest crab cake sandwich, served on a soft Kaiser roll with lettuce and tartar sauce.

Southwest Express Chicken Wrap$10.95

Seasoned, grilled chicken tenders piled high in a soft tortilla shell. Stuffed with lettuce, chunky salsa, cheddar cheese and bleu cheese dressing.

Jack Daniels Burger$10.95

Fresh ground Angus beef burger, grilled to desired temperature. Smothered in our homemade Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, caramelized onions and melted cheddar cheese

Atlantic Express$10.50

Fresh broiled haddock coated with Authentic Cajun spices, served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce and tarter sauce.

New York Limited$9.95

Reuben-esque! A generous helping of tender, warm corned beef, sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese, and special sauce all blended together and piled high on grilled rye bread.

Stock Car 1910$10.50

Our French dip sandwich is piled high with thinly sliced roast beef on a fresh steak roll. Served with au jus for dipping.

Half Fares

For passengers 10 and under.
Served with Station fries, applesauce, and a kid's beverage.

BBQ Ribs$6.95

Mini Cheeseburgers (2)$6.95

Chicken Fingers (2)$6.95

Deep Fried Shrimp (5)$6.95

Just Pasta & Pizza - A la Carte$6.95

Spaghetti & Meatballs or Cheese Pizza.

Little Engineer's Sundae$3.95

Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Final Destinations


Ladyfingers dipped in rum and liqueur-laced espresso, layered with sweetened mascarpone and cream.

Rice Pudding$5.50

Comfort food at its best.

Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake$12.00

Enough for two! A rich fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, chopped peanuts, and whipped cream.

Peach Melba$5.50

Vanilla ice cream, peaches, and raspberry sauce.

Peanut Butter pie$6.00

A rich blend of peanut butter and chocolate.

Southern Pecan Pie$6.00

Gooey and rich. Made in house.

Old Fashioned Apple Pie$5.50

Really great with a scoop of your favorite ice cream.

NOTE: Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase risks of food-borne illness.